I am Thorvald the Shield


My father’s wealth came from his interactions with Dyflin and my brothers and I grew up wealthy.I was the runt amongst my brothers,  but bigger than our workers and slaves’ my age. My brothers and fathers’ warriors taught me how to fight.

My fathers land would never be mine, nor should it have been.

So, at the age of 19, I packed my war gear and joined the war fleet amassed at Trondheim.

Many years of fighting and hardship and I made a land for my family.

For many years life has been calm, my land and family well managed.

The belly fire for battle, glory and more wealth burns deeper and brighter than my home hearth.

The mead tastes sweeter drunk with my battle brothers and the fire songs are heartier.

I will return to my home in the north, to my family, with a heavy cart of gold, silver and iron, and the wolf will be calmed.

For now the wolf must hunt, fight and kill

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