Sigrun and Olaf

Sigrun “The Red” Mikelsdota and Olaf “Forkbeard” Grimason

Sigrun the Red was born in a small fishing village near Hedeby. The daughter of a fisherman, she was raised learning how to gut and dry fish, mend nets and be a dutiful wife though she always preferred to scrap with her brothers, play fighting with wooden swords and shields. It was only when she was betrothed to a local fisherman that she realised she was sick of the smell of fish and had no intention of being a dutiful wife, so fled in search of a life of adventure as a shield maiden.

After a while she fell in with a small warband and learned how to perfect her fighting skills. Small but deadly fast Sigrun soon earned a reputation for being an asset in battle and on raids. On one of their raids she came across a farm and took what she wanted (which wasn’t much as the place was filthy and not well looked after) But there was a poor farm worker called Olaf Forkbeard, so named because the wind would always blow his long beard into two. Initially she took him to be her Thrall but, after they spent much time talking, they fell in love and he became her companion. Olaf had never been trained to fight and didn’t have the desire to serve in the shield wall but he did have some skill with a bow he used to use for hunting so he too was useful. Olaf also likes to play the lyre harp and takes particular delights in annoying any Christians by playing lewd songs on the Sabbath.

Sigrun now wanted to travel to new lands and Olaf was keen to follow, so they took ship across the whale road to the land of the Angles and the Saxons. Having found the climate to be far more pleasant than back home, they decided to stay and joined a war band by the name of Wryngwyrm under the command of Jarl Orm that was journeying across Mercia.
The company is good, they feast well and the potential for adventure and easy silver is very good indeed!.

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