Sigurd Haroldson

Sigurd was born in Trondheim (Then called named Kaupangen meaning: market place or trading place) his father was market trader selling fish and meat from local suppliers. Sigurd worked with his father for some years until an opportunity came along he could not resist. A ship arrived one day from a distant land filled with silver, the crew spoke of easy wealth to be made raiding this land and Sigurd had always wanted to escape the dreary life of a market stall holder.

He found out that next spring they would again set sail to this place for more raising and despite his lack of knowledge of such things he swore an oath he would come along and promised to bring riches home and to make the family very wealthy.

That spring he left with the ship across the whale road to the place the romans called Britannia. This was a big change, first of all he had never sailed before and sea sickness made the journey most unpleasant, then he had to train at fighting in the shield wall and take his turn on the oars which was very hard work.

But eventually they came to some settlements which they pillaged ,most were poor so not much silver was to be found but it did have it perks and Sigurd soon fell into the Viking way. After some time going up and down the coast they came across what looked like one of the white Christ places of worship, an easy target so the Jarl told them bound to be filled to the coffers with silver! This was a terrible mistake as soon they had landed they realised they had fallen into a trap as they were surrounded by warriors. In the skirmish that followed Sigurd was wounded and separated from his companions but managed to stumble into a woods. Disorientated and loosing blood he staggered around for what seemed like days until he came across a camp. Not caring whose it was by this point he stumbled in, luckily to find out it was also raiders. This was the war band of Wryngwyrm under the command of Jarl Orm..

They tended to his wounds and in return Sigurd swore on the Jarls sword to follow and fight for these new companions. Eager to get rich find victory and revenge for his fallen comrades!

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