Rodreki and Olana

Rodrekr Sigrison, Olanna Andrzejdotta

And Sofi Rodrekrsdotta


Rodrekr is the oldest son of Sigri a fisherman from near Hedeby. He was bought up learning how to man a boat and catch and prepare fish along with his younger brother Kristynn. Their father had been a raider years ago too far off lands but now led a simple of life of fishing and growing crops.


One day Rodrekrs younger brother Krystnn left on a dragon ship to raid the land of the Anglesin and he was left to help his father with the family business. After some years working hard he was one day out at sea further than normal chasing the fish shoals when a storm came upon his little boat. He was tossed and thrown from side to side and soon lost sight of land, he nearly drowned in the storm but managed to keep the boat afloat. In the morning he found himself near death washed up on a foreign shore that he didn’t recognise. He had landed in the land of the Pommerains not far from Wolin. Luckily for him the first person he came across was Olanna Andrzejdotta who was in the area to sell furs.


Ola as known by her family was born near the town of Brudno, her family part of the Polan tribe she was bought up by her parents learning how to survive off the land, hunting and trapping, skilful with a bow she and her father hunted for furs which they then traded at the sea ports. One day whilst near Wolan to trade these furs she came across a wrecked boat and inside was a young man with dark hair and beard. Despite his different language she recognised him as a Dane and had picked up some of their dialect when trading with them.


She took him back to her camp and nursed him back to health over the next few months much to her father’s annoyance, but when he recovered they fell in love and soon married. But Rodrekr was eager to return home to his family, so he and Olanna eventually took ship back to Hedeby. When they got back things had changed. His father and Mother had both died from a plague during the months he had been away and the new Jarl had taken their land and belongings in a power grab when the old Jarl had also died.


Outraged by this treachery and in a dangerous situation if the new Jarl had discovered them, they left at night by ship to seek out Rodrekrs brother in England. They found him near Bedanforda serving Jarl Orm and his warband. Deciding that these new lands were actually far better than what they had left behind, they joined the warband and soon after had a daughter Sofi.

They now travel with the warband, Rodrekr serving in the shield wall, Ola as an archer and hope to settle roots in this new bountiful land.