Kyrstnn Sigrison 


Krystnn was born near Hedeby, in the land of the Danes. The son of Sigri a fisherman and his wife a Saxon who was once a slave and had insisted on naming him after her white Christ. Sigri grew up on his father’s small landholding on the coast with his brother assisting with the fishing boats and tending the small batch of crops they could produce. As the years went on Sigri would tell his sons stories of his time serving the local jarl on raids and young Krystnn was always enthralled by these tales of sea journeys and warfare.


When Krystnn finally reached the age he could take up a spear, he decided he had enough of the dull life on the farmstead and begged his father’s leave to go raiding. The wish was granted his father gifting him with his old shield, spear and langsaex. Then with the blessing of the local Jarl Krystnn sailed for the land of the Saxons (England) for some raiding. After some time travelling about the coast raiding small settlements he realised it was a far better land to make a new life in, with many opportunities for land and wealth. So he decided to stay behind with some other settlers on the borders of the danelaw near Bedanforda as part of a warband. His loyalty given over to Jarl Orm, sworn upon the Jarls sword pommel to fight and die for his honour and earn his rightful place at Odin’s table in Valhol!


Krystnn now serves as a spear dane under the command of the Hesir Arngrim as they move Jarl Orms household around to different settlements. Krystnn despite his Christian name is a heathern worshiping Thor, Odin and Tyr as his patron Gods. He hopes to eventually work his way up into the ranks of the Jarls best warriors and have a small holding of his own. Krystnn spends whatever spare time he has either honing his martial skills or playing music on his lyre and tagleharpa.


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