Kjartan Danson

My name is Kjartan Danson, and I'm from the village of Skuldelev in Dannemark. My father owned a boat and from a young age my brothers and I would assist on board as he sailed between settlements in Roskildefjord and further around the coast, transporting goods and people. As I learned to navigate these waters, I heard stories from those who had travelled too far- off lands, and dreamed of going on such adventures myself.

When I was older, through the influence of my well respected father and my ability to row and sail, I was permitted to join a crew that crossed the sea and raided a monastery on a distant coast. I returned home but after the success of the first trip I had the taste for going a Vikingr, raiding for silver was not only more prosperous but far more interesting that sailing people and goods about.

So I sailed to the west again the following year. This time we met some fellow Danes, a war band calling themselves Wryngwyrm. I remained with them when my own crew wished to return home, seeing the opportunities of this new land. I have remained here ever since then, learning and improving my skills as a warrior having sworn allegiance to Jarl Orm under the command of the Hesir Arngrim.
I now have no plans to return to the land of my birth, here the summers are long, the land is fertile and the pickings are easy and rich from these timid Saxons!

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