Hoc of Hocga Cliffe

Hoc is a descendant of the famous Hoc, a Saxon who roamed and raided north of the Roman wall 200 years ago and who settled on a steep hillside with two rivers on the Wæcelinga Stræt.

Hoc lives in extraordinary times, there are Danes living on the other side of the Wæcelinga Stræt. Careful not to invite raids, the locals have been joining Danish war bands for years to create a little wealth as well as to stay safe from the Danes.

As a warrior Hoc was able to hold his own and earn some hack-silver. But Hoc is getting on in years and after a Dane tried to do some uninvited eye carving, Hoc has retired to a craft as a leather worker whilst his eye heals.

Hoc has taken on an apprentice, a useless wastrel called Edric of Ytingaforde. Edric may be useless at leather work – except for the skiving – but he is relatively good with a blade. Edric is Hocs unofficial body guard during his convalescence and Hoc keeps Edric in turnips and other Saxon treats Edric doesn't know why that is the reason Hoc keeps him on. Being the only two Saxons in the war band, Hoc keeps an eye on those Danes, happy to join raids or travel to nearby towns to show his wares.

Always happy when in a shield wall, Hoc is also happy to put the knife in for some extra profit, but not in the war band, there is some honour amongst thieves!

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