Eirik Eirikson  

Born in a village near Véborg in Denmark, my father was a blacksmith, supplying ironmungery to the local Jarl.
As I grew up, it was obvious that I had a knack of knocking bits of wood and iron together, so I became my father's apprentice. In the evenings I'd sit by the fireside and listen to stories of the gods and of heros on fantastic sagas, dreaming that I one day would do the same.
When I became of age, I wanted to find fame and fortune, making my own sagas. There was a great army being formed, with a need of warriors and craftsmen, I decided to join them with many others that served my Jarl and sail west with the vast fleet of longboats. I don't think my family missed me to much!
Landing in Anglia, I had 13 years of skirmishes and battles along with long periods of wintering in places like Snotingaham where supplies were transported up the Trent. In that time, I grew to hate the Saxons with their single god and pious way of life. It was always a pleasure to liberate their churches of gold and silver. After all, it must have been a great burden for a people with such piety to have such wealth, we must have been doing then a favour!
Eventually, the great army withdrew and with my plunder, I decided to set up home in the Danelaw.
Settling in the forest town of Mammesfeld within the Shirewood, a place once familiar with the Mercian kings who used it as a base for hunting wild stag and deer that seemed infinite in the ancient green wood.
Part of the mighty forest was the Birklunde where the birch trees grow and it was here that we had the Thynghowe, an important Danelaw meeting place where I met a roving band of Danes who were making their way south. After copious amounts of ale and mead, I decided to accompany them on their journey.
On our way south, one of the many places we camped was Keteringers and that's where I met the raven haired buxom Solveig. She took a shine to me and decided to try and keep me on the straight and narrow. Hearing of a warband who were willing to pay good coin for a blacksmith, we joined them as they made their way into Mercia to rejoin with their Jarl Orm.
Although I haven't seen much coin, I have served with Hesir Arngrim and the rest of the warband as we skirmish for food and wealth. I still knock bits of wood and iron together as the household that I now serve make their way into the Danelaw to meet with their and now my Jarl.

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