Edric of Ytingaforde

Edric of Ytingaforde is the fourth son of the ceorl farmer Cedric of Ytingaforde. Ytingaforde is a small hamlet in Bedafordescir near to the market town of Leahtun.

Largely useless at farming (and most other tasks), Edric was volunteered as the local select-fyrdsman, in the hope he would leave and not return.

Unfortunately for his neighbours Edric not only survived his first call-up, but thrived. Finding himself to have a small degree of talent at killing people, particularly people who weren’t paying attention, Edric returned home wealthier than he left it.

Eventually, after being called up several times Edric accrued enough wealth to equip himself properly for battle but soon found himself bored. Being the fourth son he had no inheritance due, so apprenticed himself to the master leatherworker Hoc, from a nearby village a little way up Wæcelinga Stræt. Far more enthusiastic than he is skilled, he gets in Hoc's way more than he helps him.

In recent times Edric’s service as a selected fyrdsman is owed to a Danish jarl, rather than an Angelcynn Ealdorman. A stubborn and sullen sense of national pride dwells in Edric’s soul, but he is nothing if not pragmatic and continues to fight for this foreigner. He has very little love for the invaders, and would turn on them in a heartbeat if the Angelcynn stood a chance of regaining Bedafordescir.

Edric is now a warrior of some experience, having stood in his fair share of shield-walls, though this style of warfare does not suit him. He is far more at home roaming the battlefield picking off wounded foes and sneaking around enemy lines.Utterly pragmatic, and largely without honour Edric has no sense of shame at fleeing from a fight he cannot win.


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