Birna Thorsteinnsdatter

I am of Danish descent; my father and mother were poor farmers in Denmark who came over to England to find land as they had heard tales of how much lush farming land there was available in the west. I was born in Arnulf’s Burgh (St Neots) and lived a fairly simple life helping my parents on the farm and my mother preparing the daily meals and other household chores.

Life would probably have continued on this simple path, but fate was to intervene. One morning a sail was seen coming up the Ouse. The folk of our small settlement gathered to see if they were friend or foe. Luckily they were fellow Danes, hoping to find treasure at the nearby priory and churches at Eatun (Eaton Socon) and Pachstone (Great Paxton). They had stopped at our settlement to trade some of their latest wares from raiding in return for food and drink.

The warband then decided to berth at our settlement for a few weeks whilst they carried out some urgent repairs to their ship. It was during this time where I met Ivar, an archer with the warband. Despite my parents’ warnings I married him and then left with the warband for a new life of adventure. I now travel with my husband and the rest of Jarl Orm’s household and followers as they move to another settlement to manage.

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