Arngrim Thorsteinson - Hesir

Second son of a Warrior of Jorvik, I was a skinny child and often bullied by the larger boys. Until one day I snapped and buried an axe in the skull of the ringleader. Unfortunately for me, the boy was the son of an influential merchant so I had to leave in a hurry. I spent years travelling Europe, from the far south west of the British isles, all the way up to the reindeer herders of the far north. Along the way, I honed my mind into a weapon far more dangerous than many blades, and kept my borderline berserker rage in check. Returning to Britain, I learned of a great warrior of Bedes Ford, Ulfcot Skeggless.

I travelled many miles to study swordcraft with this great warrior and his warband. I eventually proved myself worthy of the trust of Jarl Orm and was given the task of passing on what I had learned to the warriors of the warband as one of his Hesir, both to use their weapons and to outwit their opponents. My hardest and greatest task, however, is to teach them left from right. A task that has brought forth the berserk and often left me praying to Thor to allow me to wrestle Jormungandr, if only Thor would teach right from left.

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