Living Histoy

Living History

 Have you ever wondered what life was like 1000+ years ago, or to live in a simpler age

 Wryngwyrm are in a position to help

We are a group of like minded individuals with a talent for learning and teaching. Whether it is donning chain maile and a sword or the more peaceful existence of every day life. Wryngwyrm does not only portray the gruesome violence and bloodshed of war, but through our Living History we also show the more serene life of villagers and their crafts and we hope people will gain some experience of Viking or Saxon life as families and craftsmen go about their daily lives. we use period tents in the village as apposed to house structures (logistical reasons). This could portray a number of scenarios, for example:- supporters or families of an army on campaign, or ''paying taxes'', people were summoned to pay taxes so this was used as a reason to take a holiday or to trade goods.

As with all activities within Wryngwyrm, status is something to ascend to . All aspects of this gives you time to experience the fullness of what the group can offer.

Whether you want to be a warrior, craftsman or villager, our aim is authenticity. To this end, all the information is reserched from writen records, archaeological finds and academic publications.

The living history encampment, or the village, is where the public have most contact with the group as it is difficult to stop a fighting warrior and ask what he is doing. In the village the public have as much time as they want  to scrutinise our displays and have direct contact with the re-enactors. Although we cannot perfectly recreate the 10th century the connection to past reality is at it's best in an authentic village setting.


Whatever the skill or craft you wish to learn (or maybe you can pass on a skill), the living history village is the place to learn and show off those skills. Around a typical village you can experience some of the following crafts displayed


Bone and Antler work

Leather Working


Textile work

Wood working

Coin Striking

( Please note that for Health & Safety reasons we are unable to cater for, or feed members of the public. )

Furrowing the deep blue sea with oars, The Wyrm pursues to Jutlands shores, They met; and in the battle storm of clashing shields, full many a form of goodly warrior on the plain, Full many a corpse by Wryngwyrm slain.