Bedfordshire group of

Founded in 1971, the Vikings are the oldest and largest re-enactment society in the UK with over 1000 members throughout Britain and others in Europe and North America. Our aim is to provide an entertaining, accurate and educational portrayal of the Viking, Saxon and Norman periods of history.We have an equal emphasis on demonstrating both the daily life and the more warlike aspects of this most turbulent time in our history.

Do you have or would you like to learn a skill of the period? Weaving, leather work, amourer, storytelling, cooking and more, the society has a very supportive living history network.

Whether you want to be a warrior standing in a shield wall, in chain mail brandishing a sword or to  pick off your enemies from a distance

with a traditional English long bow, full instruction and safety training will be provided.

Full membership of Wryngwyrm is open to anyone over the age of 18.

Furrowing the deep blue sea with oars, The Wyrm pursues to Jutlands shores, They met; and in the battle storm of clashing shields, full many a form of goodly warrior on the plain, Full many a corpse by Wryngwyrm slain.